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Welcome to the LJ Idol 2 community! This community serves as the center of the LJ Idol 2 competition, hosted by Kevin Muller (LJ: electricice79). LJ Idol 2 is not an official or copyrighted production, rather it is based on the popular reality television show, American Idol. LJ Idol was birthed in the spring of 2005, and it featured twelve competitors from across New York state battling each other in challenges which included posting controversial entries, creating fake rating community applications, and other fun events. Danielle Sherman became the first LJ Idol after weeks of dedication and heartwrenching eliminations, and will give back to the LJ Idol franchise by serving as a judge this season, where she will be accompanied by Roger Arnold and Angela Rizza, the runner-ups of the original program. The three will also be joined by a rotating guest judge. Also new to the LJ Idol staff this season is Rachel Teplitsky, who created the idea for LJ Idol and will now be serving as associate producer. If you would like more information on LJ Idol or if you have suggestions for challenges or otherwise, please contact the producers via AIM: Kevin Muller (electricice79) and Rachel Teplitsky (ffiferoo). Finally, the staff of LJ Idol hopes that you enjoy watching and/or participating in the competition, and although fans are not permitted to post entries in the community (to avoid clutter), feel free to comment, and, most important, vote!!