LJ Idol 2 - Polls Closed

Most importantly, the polls have been closed and the winner of LiveJournal Idol has been decided. I will not reveal the winner at this point in time, but I will reveal this: The winner of LiveJournal Idol received 62.2% of the votes! The runner up received just 20% of the votes, and the penguins came in an impressive third with 17.8% of the votes. 

On that note, I'd like to thank the Honor Role Voters, those voters who have come forward and proclaimed their choice each and every round of the competition! Those people are:

Kevin Muller
Ashley Kenna
Dominick Ciruzzi

Thank you all for supporting this competition all the way to the end. And what a happy ending it is.

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LJ Idol 2 - PARTY!!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the LiveJournal Idol 2 PARTY!!! The votes are pouring in, and while we'll all be biting our fingernails later, right now we need to kick back our heels, throw on some Reba McEntire, and drink beer!

We'll begin with a few appetizers:
Mexican food


Appetizers yummmm.

Some drinks!


Sports drinks

And now for the main course!

We have fried Barbaro: 


Roasted Penguin

Dead penguin

And a bite out of the host!


Eat up!

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LJ Idol 2 - Vote for the Winner

Erm, I'm not sure if any of you remember, but Mary Hanrahan and Kristina Ronald are the Final Two contestants battling for the coveted title of LiveJournal Idol 2! Tomorrow night, Danielle Sherman will hand her crown to the next idol, but who will it be? It could be either of them, the decision is in YOUR hands, America! 

Over the past month or so, the remaining contestants were asked to write a haiku, find my picture in a mosaic, and write a letter addressed to the voters of LJ Idol 2. How did they fare with these daunting tasks? We shall begin with Mary.

For her haiku, Mary wrote an elegant piece:

LJ Idol 2:
I was the only one who
Did anything, bitch!

You can find her touching letter to the voters here. Unfortunately, she failed to complete the mosaic challenge.

Kristina's Haiku:

This competition
displeases Gordon so.
Vote for Mary.

Kristina's Letter. Kristina also was not able to find my picture. In case anyone was wondering, it's basically in the light blue ring surrounding the logo at around 7:30 or southwest or in the lower left part of the ring. If you can't find it and you still care, you can IM me at electricice79 and I'll try to help you find it.

Anyway, for the two or three of you that are still following this competition, you must now vote for either Mary or Kristina. VOTE FOR THE PERSON YOU WANT TO WIN, VOTE FOR THE NEXT IDOL OF LIVEJOURNAL!!! It doesn't get any more important than this, folks. Voting will be open for twenty four hours, ending tomorrow night at midnight. THE WINNER WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT, BUT VOTING WILL CLOSE AT THAT TIME!!! The winner will, in fact, be revealed on Wednesday evening, though that could change. Anyway, screened comments, you must be logged in when you vote, anyone - literally anyone - can vote.

Vote for:

Mary Hanrahan
Kristina Ronald

Best of luck to the both of you. Vote away!
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LJ Idol 2 - Final Challenges Due

The deadline for submitting the final challenges is midnight this coming Monday, so you have less than a week to complete your challenges, which are to find my picture in the audition mosaic of American Idol and to write a heartfelt letter to the viewers explaining why you deserve to win this competition. Also, a new final challenge has been added: You must write a haiku summing up this competition. All of these things are due by Monday at midnight.

Best of luck.

Another challenge!

Okay guys, I know it's been a while, but your second challenge is now prepared. It's quite simple, actually. All you have to do is go here, and find my picture in the mosaic. Easy? Well, there are a lot of pictures. A LOT. It took me over two hours and meticulously going through it three separate times before I found it, but now I can verify that it is definitely in the mosaic. Here is what it looks like (screenshot from the actual mosaic).


To prove that you have found me, either take a screenshot of my picture but zoomed out a little more so that you can see other people besides me (all comments will be screened), or give a detailed description of where the picture is on the mosaic (is it near the top, bottom, left, right, is it on a letter, which letter if yes, is it on the white background, or the dark blue background, or the ring, describe the people to the left and right of the picture, etc.)

Bonus points if you can find people who were shown on TV or were in the Top 24. So far I've found David Radford, Chris Daughtry, and Will Makar, as well as several auditioners and also some people I was sitting near and one person that was in my group of four.

LJ Idol 2 - Final Two Revealed!!!

Well. Sorry about that delay.

Anyway. The Final Two have been selected, America. 

Mary, Rebecca, Kristina, each of you have done a (somewhat debatably) remarkable job in the competition thus far, and that is what has gotten you to this point. However, only two of you can move on this round, and I just want to thank all of you for making this competition the (somewhat debatable) success that it has been. The votes were close this week regarding who would be eliminated, but the three contestants did not receive similar votes at all. Although the difference between the lowest vote-getter and the second lowest vote-getter was a mere 6.6%, the highest vote-getter received over 64% of the total vote, and more votes than the other two contestants combined. So the finale should be interesting.

The contestant who has been eliminated by the voters is...


Rebecca Levin. 

Goodbye, Rebecca. Get lots of rest!!

Challenge A - Finale
Kristina and Mary, you have a little less than two weeks to sign yourself up from the following message boards with the screen names "lyfesafer222 - Kristina" and "dramagrl19 - Mary." If the message board has restrictions on characters or whatever, you may alter it as necessary, but leave a comment with that username and the board you are using it on. YOU MUST BE BANNED FROM THE FORUMS BY MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY, APRIL 10th! Creativity is encouraged.


Challenge B
Write a heartfelt letter to the LiveJournal Idol viewers detailing why you should be the LiveJournal Idol. Feel free to speak of a troubled past, of scars on your chest, of jailed or deceased parents, of illnesses, of unfortunate physical characteristics that have plagued you, and more. You may also include personal photos that illustrate your hardships. Make the people feel like you DESERVE this. However, you may only speak minimally about your performance in the competition, concentrate on why you as a person deserve the benefits (and annoying comments) that come with the title. Post it in your LiveJournal by April 10th also.

Challenge C
Challenge C will be announced next Monday. Naturally, voting will not take place until April 11th.

Good luck!

LJ Idol 2 Will Not Be Revealed Tonight

Dear viewers, 

Because the host is exhausted after editing Chieftain articles from 4:30 to 8:30 this afternoon and then attempting to attack a calculus book and prepare for a predicted-to-be-impossible Physics test tomorrow, he cannot possibly bear to stay up for ten more minutes, let alone an hour. Thus, the results will NOT be announced tonight. I will probably announce them sometime tomorrow. However, the voting deadline is still the same, so don't worry, I'm not trying to create a conspiracy - if I wanted to do that, I would just lie to you about who is eliminated, I wouldn't go through the trouble of fixing the competition.

I'm very sorry. Wish me and Final Three contestant Rebecca Levn the best of luck as we face the evil Warcock's wrath.

::drops dead::