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Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 Winner's Song
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at May 25th, 2006 (12:05 am)
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current location: Room.
Simon's Mood: jubilant
This Week's Theme: LJ Idol 2 Winner's Song

For those who haven't experienced the magic yet.

Mary, Mary Hanrahan...

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Winner Announced
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at May 24th, 2006 (06:55 pm)

The second LiveJournal Idol is Mary Hanrahan.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Polls Closed
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at May 24th, 2006 (01:08 am)
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current location: My room
This Week's Theme: "Not Ready To Make Nice" - Dixie Chicks

Most importantly, the polls have been closed and the winner of LiveJournal Idol has been decided. I will not reveal the winner at this point in time, but I will reveal this: The winner of LiveJournal Idol received 62.2% of the votes! The runner up received just 20% of the votes, and the penguins came in an impressive third with 17.8% of the votes. 

On that note, I'd like to thank the Honor Role Voters, those voters who have come forward and proclaimed their choice each and every round of the competition! Those people are:

Kevin Muller
Ashley Kenna
Dominick Ciruzzi

Thank you all for supporting this competition all the way to the end. And what a happy ending it is.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - PARTY!!!
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at May 23rd, 2006 (05:42 pm)
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Simon's Mood: lazy
This Week's Theme: "The Fear of Being Alone" - Reba McEntire

Hello everyone! Welcome to the LiveJournal Idol 2 PARTY!!! The votes are pouring in, and while we'll all be biting our fingernails later, right now we need to kick back our heels, throw on some Reba McEntire, and drink beer!

We'll begin with a few appetizers:
Mexican food


Appetizers yummmm.

Some drinks!


Sports drinks

And now for the main course!

We have fried Barbaro: 


Roasted Penguin

Dead penguin

And a bite out of the host!


Eat up!

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Vote for the Winner
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at May 23rd, 2006 (12:48 am)

current location: My room.
Simon's Mood: jubilant
This Week's Theme: "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" - Gary Allan

Erm, I'm not sure if any of you remember, but Mary Hanrahan and Kristina Ronald are the Final Two contestants battling for the coveted title of LiveJournal Idol 2! Tomorrow night, Danielle Sherman will hand her crown to the next idol, but who will it be? It could be either of them, the decision is in YOUR hands, America! 

Over the past month or so, the remaining contestants were asked to write a haiku, find my picture in a mosaic, and write a letter addressed to the voters of LJ Idol 2. How did they fare with these daunting tasks? We shall begin with Mary.

For her haiku, Mary wrote an elegant piece:

LJ Idol 2:
I was the only one who
Did anything, bitch!

You can find her touching letter to the voters here. Unfortunately, she failed to complete the mosaic challenge.

Kristina's Haiku:

This competition
displeases Gordon so.
Vote for Mary.

Kristina's Letter. Kristina also was not able to find my picture. In case anyone was wondering, it's basically in the light blue ring surrounding the logo at around 7:30 or southwest or in the lower left part of the ring. If you can't find it and you still care, you can IM me at electricice79 and I'll try to help you find it.

Anyway, for the two or three of you that are still following this competition, you must now vote for either Mary or Kristina. VOTE FOR THE PERSON YOU WANT TO WIN, VOTE FOR THE NEXT IDOL OF LIVEJOURNAL!!! It doesn't get any more important than this, folks. Voting will be open for twenty four hours, ending tomorrow night at midnight. THE WINNER WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT, BUT VOTING WILL CLOSE AT THAT TIME!!! The winner will, in fact, be revealed on Wednesday evening, though that could change. Anyway, screened comments, you must be logged in when you vote, anyone - literally anyone - can vote.

Vote for:

Mary Hanrahan
Kristina Ronald

Best of luck to the both of you. Vote away!

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Final Challenges Due
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at May 17th, 2006 (12:22 am)

The deadline for submitting the final challenges is midnight this coming Monday, so you have less than a week to complete your challenges, which are to find my picture in the audition mosaic of American Idol and to write a heartfelt letter to the viewers explaining why you deserve to win this competition. Also, a new final challenge has been added: You must write a haiku summing up this competition. All of these things are due by Monday at midnight.

Best of luck.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
Another challenge!
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at April 10th, 2006 (09:40 pm)

Okay guys, I know it's been a while, but your second challenge is now prepared. It's quite simple, actually. All you have to do is go here, and find my picture in the mosaic. Easy? Well, there are a lot of pictures. A LOT. It took me over two hours and meticulously going through it three separate times before I found it, but now I can verify that it is definitely in the mosaic. Here is what it looks like (screenshot from the actual mosaic).


To prove that you have found me, either take a screenshot of my picture but zoomed out a little more so that you can see other people besides me (all comments will be screened), or give a detailed description of where the picture is on the mosaic (is it near the top, bottom, left, right, is it on a letter, which letter if yes, is it on the white background, or the dark blue background, or the ring, describe the people to the left and right of the picture, etc.)

Bonus points if you can find people who were shown on TV or were in the Top 24. So far I've found David Radford, Chris Daughtry, and Will Makar, as well as several auditioners and also some people I was sitting near and one person that was in my group of four.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
Challenge C
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at April 3rd, 2006 (11:26 pm)
current location: My room.

Challenge C: There is no challenge C. The message board challenge is also cancelled. However, the competition is not over. It will resume shortly.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Final Two Revealed!!!
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 29th, 2006 (07:22 am)
This Week's Theme: "When the Lights Go Down" - Faith Hill

Well. Sorry about that delay.

Anyway. The Final Two have been selected, America. 

Mary, Rebecca, Kristina, each of you have done a (somewhat debatably) remarkable job in the competition thus far, and that is what has gotten you to this point. However, only two of you can move on this round, and I just want to thank all of you for making this competition the (somewhat debatable) success that it has been. The votes were close this week regarding who would be eliminated, but the three contestants did not receive similar votes at all. Although the difference between the lowest vote-getter and the second lowest vote-getter was a mere 6.6%, the highest vote-getter received over 64% of the total vote, and more votes than the other two contestants combined. So the finale should be interesting.

The contestant who has been eliminated by the voters is...


Rebecca Levin. 

Goodbye, Rebecca. Get lots of rest!!

Challenge A - Finale
Kristina and Mary, you have a little less than two weeks to sign yourself up from the following message boards with the screen names "lyfesafer222 - Kristina" and "dramagrl19 - Mary." If the message board has restrictions on characters or whatever, you may alter it as necessary, but leave a comment with that username and the board you are using it on. YOU MUST BE BANNED FROM THE FORUMS BY MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY, APRIL 10th! Creativity is encouraged.


Challenge B
Write a heartfelt letter to the LiveJournal Idol viewers detailing why you should be the LiveJournal Idol. Feel free to speak of a troubled past, of scars on your chest, of jailed or deceased parents, of illnesses, of unfortunate physical characteristics that have plagued you, and more. You may also include personal photos that illustrate your hardships. Make the people feel like you DESERVE this. However, you may only speak minimally about your performance in the competition, concentrate on why you as a person deserve the benefits (and annoying comments) that come with the title. Post it in your LiveJournal by April 10th also.

Challenge C
Challenge C will be announced next Monday. Naturally, voting will not take place until April 11th.

Good luck!

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 Will Not Be Revealed Tonight
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 29th, 2006 (12:01 am)

Dear viewers, 

Because the host is exhausted after editing Chieftain articles from 4:30 to 8:30 this afternoon and then attempting to attack a calculus book and prepare for a predicted-to-be-impossible Physics test tomorrow, he cannot possibly bear to stay up for ten more minutes, let alone an hour. Thus, the results will NOT be announced tonight. I will probably announce them sometime tomorrow. However, the voting deadline is still the same, so don't worry, I'm not trying to create a conspiracy - if I wanted to do that, I would just lie to you about who is eliminated, I wouldn't go through the trouble of fixing the competition.

I'm very sorry. Wish me and Final Three contestant Rebecca Levn the best of luck as we face the evil Warcock's wrath.

::drops dead::

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Three Voting
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 28th, 2006 (12:26 am)

Simon's Mood: pensive
This Week's Theme: "So Far Away"

This week has been the most important so far for our three remaining contestants, and there were some pleasant results. All three women remaining are respectable competitors, but obviously, only one of them can win. This choice is all yours, America. Tonight you will determine which two contestants will battle it out for the ultimate victory, and which one will be let go from the competition. This week's challenges were: Create a LiveJournal post that addressed all nine eliminated LiveJournal Idol 2 contestants, leave voicemails on my cell phone from 8:00-12:00 during school, and to come up with a creative response that tied together Mary's fake grave, Kellie Pickler, and LiveJournal Idol 2. I will begin by giving my personal remarks about the contestants, and then I will show you what they have done and let you decide for yourselves who deserves to move on to the final round.

Kristina Ronald - Kristina, after your resurgence in dedication to the competition that you showed last week, I was a little disappointed by this week's efforts. During the week, you failed to make any cell phone calls, which was especially disappointing seeing as your schedule is slightly less rigorous than, say, Rebecca's, so you should have found the time to make at least one call. It appears that you attempted to redeem yourself late in the game by throwing together two of the challenges. However, you obviously didn't put as much effort into them as they deserved, and that may show in the voting. Your tribute post to the eliminated contestants was fine, but it wasn't particularly funny or emotion-evoking. You did a decent job though. Also, I respect the effort you put into your creative response, as it was sort of enjoyable, but it didn't seem as though you put a whole lot of thought into how you were going to work the story - for example, Mary's grave is not really even mentioned in the story...she is buried with her parrots?? Come now, Kristina, you could have thought of something a little more witty. Still, you did complete two out of the three challenges, so you may in fact make it to the finals, but the chances of you actually winning this whole thing are pretty slim.

Rebecca Levin - Oh, Rebecca. I have to say, I was very impressed by your performance in the cell phone challenge. Your calls were very long, and I like that you made the calls while you were actually walking through the hallways instead of sneaking away to the bathroom or something, that was very brave and LJ Idol-worthy of you. However, while I am sorry that you were feeling ill today, that still does not make up for not completing the other two challenges. I know you are busy, but you couldn't have been THAT busy to not have had ten minutes to throw together a tribute to the eliminated contestants. I'm not sure whether or not you will get through this round, it's going to be really close. We'll see what the viewers think.

Mary Hanrahan - Mary, I don't need to bother praising you because your efforts speak for themselves. While you may have been ever-so-slightly outclassed with the cell phone challenge, overall you were far and away the best competitor this week, and you have been far and away the best competitor of this competition, in general. And I don't think I'm being unreasonable when I predict that you will receive far and away the highest number of votes this week.

Well, that's what I thought, but you have every right to disagree, America. See the results for yourself.

Challenge A - Link
Challenge B - Kristina logged in ~0:00.
Challenge C - Link **was late**

Challenge A - Not submitted.
Challenge B - Rebecca logged in ~9:00.
Challenge C - Not submitted.

Challenge A - Link
Challenge B - Mary logged in ~9:00, but in shorter bursts. As well as one call that caused my cell phone to ring in the middle of history. Fun times.
Challenge C - Link

Well, America, the fate of these three women lies in your hands. What will the Final Two be? Kristina and Rebecca? Rebecca and Mary? Kristina and Mary? It could be any of these. 

Please leave a comment (all comments will be screened) on this entry with the name of the person that you want to be in the Final Two. All voting must be completed by midnight.




Pick the contestant that you feel most deserves a spot in the Final Two. Whichever two women receive the most votes will compete against each other in three final challenges over the next three weeks. Which two do you feel will live up to the demands of being a LiveJournal Idol? Results tomorrow at midnight as well as the announcement of the first of the final challenges. Choose wisely.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
Lj Idol 2 - Top Three Revealead
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 22nd, 2006 (01:11 am)

After twenty-four hours of voting, we at last have a LiveJournal Idol Top Three in place.

Mary Hanrahan.

Congratulations. You are safe this week and will compete this week for a spot in the finale.

Dominick, I honestly am really glad that you have done all you have for the competition. You've been a great sport throughout this whole thing, and I think all of us are sad to see you go. Congratulations on getting this far, but this is going to be the end of the road.

I'm extremely tired so we're just going to cut straight to the challenges.

Challenge A

In each of your LiveJournals, write brief addresses to all the LJ Idol 2 Top Twelve contestants who have been eliminated so far, praising them or criticizing them or anything in between regarding their performance in the competition. This was a challenge last year as well. They should be funny, insightful, clever, well-written, basically enjoyable to read; they don't have to be any specific length, but put effort into it. In case your memory isn't serving you correctly, you must address Lukas Tierney, Lisa Casey, Chris Johnson, Chelsea Derby, Sam Head, Diana Westin, Sam Kimbrel, Sebastian Fischetti, and Dominick Ciruzzi. This must be posted in your individual LiveJournal account before Monday at midnight (naturally).

Challenge B

Between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday, you must leave voicemails on my cell phone (914-924-4268) for as many total minutes as possible. YOU MUST COME TO SCHOOL IN ORDER FOR YOUR EFFORTS TO BE COUNTED. lol. I will have my cell phone turned off during these time periods, so basically you have to find time to call the number and leave a coherent message during the specified hours (during school). The longer the message(s), the better. 

Challenge C

Come up with a creative response that ties this picture to LiveJournal Idol and Kellie Pickler. It can be a drawing, sculpture, poem, love letter, essay, or anything. Bring it on Monday morning to Mr. A's room.

Good luck guys.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Four Voting
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 20th, 2006 (11:57 pm)

Simon's Mood: jubilant
This Week's Theme: "Any Man of Mine" - Shania Twain

It's been an...intense week of LJ Idol 2. For perhaps the first time, the contestants have realized that their spots in the competition are no longer guaranteed, and that lots of work is necessary to remain safe. We stand right now with four finalists, and two of them will be up for elimination tonight. But which two? This week, the remaining competitors had to undergo two challenges: First, they had to try to get their name written on the board of Mr. Alexander's classroom by 8:15, and they also had to go through their normal school day wearing socks on their hands. Let's see how they did and find out who is safe and who...isn't.

Dominick Ciruzzi - Dominick, you were an interesting case this week. Initially, you seemed to be flailing, especially with the board challenge. For the first three days, you came in, wrote your name on the board, and then you were defeated and scurried out of the room in a whining fervor. Finally, on the last day of competition you were able to succeed, and I commend you for this, as you were one of only two finalists who managed to complete the board challenge successfully. As for the sock challenge, it is true that you wore your socks more than some of the other competitors. However, you were caught without socks at one point, and more often than not, your socks were on your hands inside the pockets of your coat, which essentially defeated the purpose of the challenge. If I had wanted you to hide the challenge from your classmates, I would have had you wear a bra. Picking the Bottom Two was very difficult this week. Although you did decently in both challenges, unfortunately, your lack of the nothing-can-embarrass-me attitude that is desired in a LiveJournal Idol has landed you in this week's Bottom Two. I wish you the best of luck.

Mary Hanrahan - Mary, as the audience may know, you were sick for the first half of this challenge period, which understandably set you back a bit. However, I was disappointed to find that on the days that you were in school, you uncharacteristically put strikingly little effort into the challenges this week. Although you did put a valiant effort into getting your name on the board, when push came to shove, your name was not the one that was there at 8:15. Also, while you wore socks in the morning, you failed to keep them on your hands for the rest of the day. However, despite your shortcomings this week, you have done an excellent job up until now.

Rebecca Levin - Rebecca, coming into this week, many people considered you the obvious choice to be eliminated, and some even wrote you off. Although you failed to achieve much with the board challenge, you by far dominated the sock challenge, showing all of the characteristics that a LiveJournal Idol should posess. Not only did you wear your socks with pride and fashionable flair, but you were able to keep them on during seemingly difficult tasks, such as taking notes for Physics and even playing picclaball! Also, teachers and staff made comments about your socks, but you gave excellent retorts with a delightful sense of humor. You have done well this week, and proven the naysayers wrong.

Kristina Ronald - Kristina, you did a great job with the board challenge this week, winning the challenge three out of the four days. This is certainly good, as I know you were late to class on at least one instance because you wanted to ensure success. Congratulations. However, your participation in the sock challenge left something to be desired, as you basically never wore your socks at all. Nevertheless, you did enough to save yourself this week, and so did Rebecca. You are both safe and will compete this coming week for a spot in the finale.

Which means Mary will join Dominick in the Bottom Two this week.

Shocked? At one point, some viewers picked Dominick and Mary as the likely Final Two, but now this cannot be. One of these contestants will be eliminated tomorrow at midnight, and the other will go on to compete for a spot in the finale. It's in your hands now.

Please leave a comment (all comments will be screened) to this entry with the name of the person that you want to be in the Final Three. All voting must be completed by midnight.



Pick the contestant that you feel most deserves a spot in the Final Three. Whoever gets the most votes will compete against Rebecca and Kristina in not one, not two, but THREE challenges over the next week. Who deserves this chance? Results tomorrow at midnight as well as the announcement of the next three challenges. This is the most important vote so far.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Four Revealed
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 15th, 2006 (01:10 am)

Simon's Mood: silly
This Week's Theme: "Part Time Lover" - Kevin Covais

After two weeks of fun competition, the time has come when we must, once again, lose a loved member of the competition. The votes are in for Sebbie vs. Rebecca. First of all, I'd like to take a moment to note that the penguins actually received more votes than the competitor who is being eliminated tonight.

Sebbie, I don't think this will come as much of a surprise, but I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated by the voting public. Which means Rebecca, you are in the Top Four and will (in theory) compete for a spot in the Top Three.

So. On to the challenges.

Top Four Challenge A

As many of you know, every day in Mr. Alexander's room I leave some random comment, lyric, quote, insult, or otherwise on the upper left-hand corner of the blackboard. This week, you must get your name onto that board (and only your name) at or before 8:15 (first period). It's Room #226, basically if you go up the main staircase (at the entrance) and you walk left, so you're going past the library, it's in that little corner of English rooms, and it's the one that is obnoxiously crowded and has Mr. A in it. If you look in the window, you can see Diana and I sitting probably (and Angela if she is healthy, which is unlikely). It does not matter how your name gets there, but it has to be written in chalk, and I will not do anything except look at the board at 8:15 and see whoever's name is on it. And if the name is yours, that is good.

Top Four Challenge B

You have to wear socks on your hands for this entire challenge period during the school day (basically from tomorrow, Wednesday, through Monday). I will keep tabs as best I can. You may, however, take them off when you are required to write. Of course, the more time you have socks on, the less chance you will have of ending up in the Bottom Two.

EDIT: You will not be penalized if you are extremely ill and cannot be in school to perform the challenge. Especially if you have been the frontrunner all along anyway.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Five Voting
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 14th, 2006 (12:21 am)

Simon's Mood: pessimistic
This Week's Theme: "I'm A Survivor" - Reba McEntire

After two exciting weeks, the time has come for you, America, to narrow down the field of competitors once again. Right now, we're left with five noble competitors, but only four of them can advance to the next stage in the competition. Last week, the competitors were judged on the first segment of the Top Five challenge, which was to try to get random LiveJournal users to add them to their friends lists. This week, the competitors faced another challenge - finding clues around their respective schools. How did they do? Well, let's find out. Also, the Bottom Two will be revealed tonight, and one of them will be leaving the competition shortly. Which one? Well, as you know, that is all up to you.

Kristina Ronald - Kristina, after basically blowing off Challenge A, your status in the competition was shaky, and you rocked the boat quite a bit when you contested the integrity of the competition, claiming that certain contestants were favored more than others and that the clues were more accessible to certain members of the competition. These qualities certainly do not match those of a LiveJournal Idol. However, toward the end of the challenge period, you redeemed yourself partially by taking time out of your day to actually go to Lakeland High School and attempt to retrieve the clues located there. Although you demonstrated a complete lack of responsibility by LOSING your clue, I do have to give you credit for providing pictures of your experience. Despite weak performances this week, your past triumphs and last-minute resurgence in effort have saved you from elimination this week. Congratulations, Kristina, you are in the Top Four.

Rebecca Levin - Rebecca, what is there to say? You did not even try at all these past two weeks. You are in this week's Bottom Two. Judging from past voting totals, it is probable that America will save you this week, but unless you pull out some major stops, Rebecca, you will not be in this competition much longer, despite being an early favorite to win.

Mary Hanrahan - Mary, although your efforts in Challenge A were limited, you did an exceptional job with Challenge B, successfully finding six out of a possible eight (assuming that two were lost) clues. This was one of your best weeks yet, and obviously it brings me honor to inform you that you are, indeed, a member of the LiveJournal Idol 2 Top Four.

Sebastian Fischetti - Like Rebecca, you seem to have essentially given up at this point. It should not come as a surprise that you are, in fact, in this week's Bottom Two. Honestly, I don't care which one of you is eliminated, because unless you two step up to the plate, you two will be the next two eliminated, leaving Kristina, Mary, and Dominick as a rightful Top Three. Will you prove me wrong? Maybe. Anyway, as you will probably be eliminated this week, it's been fun. And just so you know, I'm a little disappointed that I took the time to drive out to YOUR SCHOOL so that you could participate in the challenge, and you didn't even get a single clue (or if you did, you didn't note that you did).

Dominick Ciruzzi - By process of elimination, you are safe this week, Dominick. Although you did not find any clues, I know that you at least made the effort, unlike some of the other contestants. Your excellent job in the last competition combined with your effort this week has sealed you a spot in the LiveJournal Idol 2 Top Four. The competition is going to be tough from here on out, Dominick. You have been in the bottom group once before, and you could find yourself there again if you don't put your all into the next challenges. But congratulations on doing so well up until now.

Please leave a comment (all comments will be screened) to this entry with the name of the person that you want to be safe. All voting must be completed by midnight.



Pick the contestant that you feel deserves a second chance. As some of you may notice, both Rebecca and Sebbie were, in fact, in the Bottom Three last week as well, so each of them have already had one chance, and they have basically failed. Which one of them deserves yet another shot to do it right? Results tomorrow at midnight as well as the next two challenges. We're getting close to the finale, folks!

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol - Top 5 Challenge B Announced
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at March 7th, 2006 (12:12 am)

Simon's Mood: tired
This Week's Theme: "Angel" - Lorrie Morgan

Well, we're halfway done finding the LiveJournal Idol 2 Top Four! In case you have forgotten, this week, the contestants had to try to get twenty random LiveJournal users to add them to their friends lists. It brings me pain to tell you that the results were extremely disappointing.

Dominick Ciruzzi - Technically, Dominick, you win this round, because you did actually get more people to add you than any of the other contestants - specifically, eight out of twenty. This is certainly good, however, you also used basically the easiest method of all to get people to add you (hey I'm in a competition, you only have to do this for one day). This did not showcase any creativity that a LiveJournal Idol should of course have, and it doesn't show much effort either. However, since three of your competitors blew this challenge off completely, I applaud you for at least trying. If you do a good job with Challenge B, you are definitely a contender for the finals.

Sebastian Fischetti - Sebbie, I know that you keep using dial-up as an excuse for you to not complete the challenges, but given that you update your LiveJournal upwards of fifty times per month, you must certainly have the patience to load at least ONE person's page to request them as a friend? You are already in hot water, and your performance this week disappoints me. If you do not perform well in Challenge B, your fate will be sealed. And this challenge does not require an Internet connection.

Mary Hanrahan - Mary, you have up to this point been commended by me and the audience for consistently putting your best effort into every challenge. This did not happen this week. While you were able to get four users to add you to their friends lists, this is not a very impressive number. I thought your initial approach to the challenge was clever, using communities to draw common ground with people, but then you just started copying Dominick's approach, which is disappointing. By default, you were one of the better contestants this week, and you're almost guaranteed to be safe this week, but, as wise men and many idiots often say, it is not over until it is over.

Rebecca Levin - Rebecca, you did not even put the slightest bit of effort into this challenge, as far as I can tell, so I don't know what to tell you. Without a surge of effort, you and Sebbie are bound for this week's Bottom Two, and obviously one of you has to go.

Kristina Ronald - Early on in the competition, many people predicted that you would win or at least be in the Final Two, and now I question whether you can even get that far. This is the second challenge in a row that you have chosen to not participate in, so, obviously, if this continues, you will be eliminated. 

As was previously announced, none of the contestants will be eliminated, because they must engage in a second challenge to help decide their fate. Given the poor performance in Challenge A, your efforts shown in Challenge B will be important to deciding your rank in the competition.

Top Five Challenge B

You must find messages hidden in the exterior of your respective schools, and comment to this entry with any and all messages that you find.

All of the messages are enclosed within card protectors, which are enclosed in rectangular slips of paper with "LJ Idol 2" written on the front of them in marker. Some of them are duct taped to various things, while others are not. I hid the messages on Saturday night, so I cannot guarantee that all of them are still able to be found. For example, of the eight messages hidden around Mahopac High School, I can currently only verify that five of the messages are where they began (I only checked six locations though). There are ten messages total. None of the messages are inside the schools, and they are all within walking distance from the parking lot (obviously).


Mahopac High School

1. 'Twas near here that Angela hit a car, from this spot a tree is not very far.
(*This is one of the ones that might be lost.)
2. This would keep the grass clean if it were upside down, the clue lies within rocks that make a primitive crown.
3. So orange and bright, these things keep away traffic, and inside, a paper so crumbled and graphic.
(*This one is most likely gone.)
4. If you walk down this way, you might find new directions, the clue is on granite, which makes no reflections.
5. There's a message that lies on a brick windowsill, it's between four and six and it's not on a hill.
6. I don't think there's a car that can drive quite this slow, the clue's on the back of the sign, I do know.
7. O, thank goodness for lights, they brighten our world, in the front parking lot they are tall and not twirled.
8. This small square-ish stone tells the name of our school, my footprints are found, my, that night was so cool.

Lakeland High School

9. When you look at the school, walk a while to the left, near a bench and a garbage, on the wall is a cleft.
10. This clue isn't too far from the one just before, it's between stones that for a small tree are decor.

Remember, inside the clue you will find a message, you must comment to this entry with the message to get credit for your find. You must do this before this coming Monday at midnight. There are no other challenges for this round, so the Bottom Two will be announced at that point. Best of luck.

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Five Revealed
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at February 28th, 2006 (12:43 am)

Simon's Mood: tired
This Week's Theme: "I Don't" - Danielle Peck

We're getting close, guys. Having completed the voting session, I will now announce the members of the Top Five and, obviously, the person who was eliminated from the competition by your votes. I will tell the public that the voting between the contestant who received the lowest number of votes and the contestant who received the second-lowest number of votes was very close. I will begiin by giving one of you some peace of mind.

Rebecca, you are safe this week. Congratulations, you are now a member of the Top Five and will compete in this week's challenge in order to try to grab a coveted Top Four slot.

Sebbie and Sam. As what I have sort of dubbed "foreigners," you have both been at somewhat of a disadvantage in the voting simply because the majority of the LJ Idol 2 voters are, in fact, from Mahopac, and so is Rebecca, so...you two received the lowest number of votes this week. However, you have both also done a good job in the competition up to this point, so you should both be proud of how far you have gotten.

With that said.


You have been eliminated this week. I am sorry, but we really have enjoyed your presence in the competition even if you have been somewhat non-active over the past two weeks. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Which means the LiveJournal Idol Top Five consists of:
Mary Hanrahan
Kristina Ronald
Dominick Ciruzzi
Rebecca Levin
And Sebastian Fischetti

Top Five Challenge A

Get as many of the following LiveJournal users to add you to their friends lists.


Do whatever you want to accomplish this (you all should try to get all twenty of them), but keep in mind that the more creative you are, the higher the likelihood that you will be safe.

You will be judged on Monday at midnight. However, a Bottom Two will not be announced Monday. Instead, a second challenge will be announced Monday. I can honestly say that everyone left in the competition has a shot at the title at this point, so this next Bottom Two decision will be difficult and important decision. So do your best, you've come so far!

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Six Voting
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at February 27th, 2006 (12:54 am)

To the LiveJournal Idol 2 audience, I am very tired so we will forego the cheesy opening lines tonight, but they will certainly return soon.

This week, the contestants had to post an inflammatory post on a community of something they were a fan of or supported.

Kristina Ronald - Kristina, I am disappointed to see that you did not attempt to complete this week's challenge. I realize that you love Fiona, but clearly you do not love LiveJournal Idol 2 enough, and this could hurt your chances at the title. However, in past weeks, you have done a good job with the challenges, so you marginally scrape by this week's Bottom Three. But if you do not put effort into the next round, do not be surprised to find yourself in the Bottom Two.

Rebecca Levin - Rebecca, we had plans to get this thing posted, but as of now I have no evidence that you ever wrote such a post, and you did not really attempt to contact me, so I assume that you did not. Unfortunately, you have been just getting by for a few weeks now, and because you did not participate in the challenge this week, you unfortunately must take a trip center stage and compete for votes, as you are in this week's Bottom Three.

Sam Kimbrel - Just the fact that you would consider withdrawing from LJ Idol 2 alone is grounds enough to place you in the Bottom Three, but you also have not completed a challenge for the past two weeks, which cements the deal. Best of luck to you, you're on the chopping block again.

Mary Hanrahan - Mary, I must congratulate you, as you were the only person who fulfilled the challenge completely. You may find Mary's entry at _sweeneytodd. Clearly you put effort and time into this challenge, and this contest is becoming almost silly as each week you pull farther and farther ahead of the other contestants. But seriously, great job, I'm looking forward to the comments you get. And obviously, you are safe this week.

Sebastian Fischetti - Sebbie, you expressed joy at this challenge and even declared love for me, but as far as I can tell, and please correct me if I'm wrong, you did not actually complete the challenge. I don't see any inflammatory posts or even posts by you in the community, nor did you post a link to any such entry, so I have to assume that you forgot about the competition this week? It's not like you to skip a challenge, and you have a stronger base than most of the contestants left. So are you safe or not?

Dominick Ciruzzi - Dominick, it is unfortunate that you were not able to post your entry in the community, but this is partially a result of your procrastination, so I must partly blame you. However, even if you had posted this in the community, I am almost certain that it would be deleted. While the challenge was to make a post with optional poor grammar and unfounded arguments, your post is almost too stupid for someone to even bother replying to. There's a difference between being annoying and just being an idiot. Nobody would take your post seriously. On the other hand, Mary's entry, while probably anger-inspiring, obviously took some time to write, and she does provide some examples to support her reasoning, so it doesn't seem like she is a five year old who accidently crawled onto the keyboard.

However, since you did attempt the challenge and Sebbie did not, you are safe this week. Which means Sebbie will join Rebecca and Sam in the Bottom Three.

Please leave a comment (all will be screened) to this entry with the name of the person that you want to be safe. All voting must be completed by midnight.




So pick the person you want to give another chance. ANYONE CAN VOTE. ANYONE! But you must be logged in. Results tomorrow at midnight as well as the first of the next TWO challenges! We've almost found the next LiveJournal Idol, folks!

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Six Revealed
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at February 17th, 2006 (12:30 am)

Simon's Mood: quixotic
This Week's Theme: "Don't Be Stupid" - Shania Twain

After twenty-four hours of voting, you, America, have chosen which of the three contestants in the appropriately titled Bottom Three will be getting a second (or third) chance, and who will not be moving on any longer. As you know, this week's Bottom Three is Sam Kimbrel, Dominick Ciruzzi, and Diana Westin. I will begin by removing the member of the Bottom Three who received the most votes.

That person is...

Dominick. Congratulations, Dominick, you are safe this week and will participate in the challenge to make it to the Top Five.

Naturally, this means that either Sam or Diana has been eliminated this week. Sam, you have done reasonably well up until this point, and it is true that you are currently on vacation. But did the LiveJournal voters sympathize with you? Did the fact that you are not located in Mahopac hurt you? Diana, you have already been in the Bottom Three, and you have struggled throughout the competition. Is this the end of the road for you?


You are safe. 

Which means Diana is eliminated. Diana, it has been a pleasure to have you as a part of this competition, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, even if they include protesting gay rights. Except not really. But seriously, thanks for participating in the competition, it's been fun having you.

Top Six Challenge

You must make an entry in your assigned LiveJournal community on your assigned topic. The communities and topics have been designed to provide the maximum challenge for each of you. Basically what you must do is make an extremely ignorant, blind, and plain obnoxious comment in your LiveJournals. Feel free to use less-than-literate language if you wish, but you will be graded on how irritating you come off as, so try your best to give one-sided, ill-researched arguments that are sure to provoke bashing of yourself. You must save a copy of your post just in case it gets deleted by the community.

Sebbie - rent - explain with conservative charm how Rent encourages premarital sex and drug use.
Sam - supportequality - illustrate how being gay is unnatural and express disgust at the idea behind the community.
Mary - _sweeneytodd - post a scathing review of the show, harping over the cast's utter lack of talent 
Kristina - fiona_fans - say that Fiona is a crack addict that deserves to be shot
Dominick (sorry, there were no active penguin communities) - christianity - declare that the Bible is not written by God, and that people are ridiculous for continuing to follow it.
Rebecca - vassar - say that Vassar is home to hordes of uptight conservatives and that anyone who goes there is brainwashed

YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE BY MIDNIGHT OF THIS COMING MONDAY. Remember, you are trying to be as ignorant and annoying as possible. Longer is better, try to rant on and on. Good luck in getting everyone pissed off!  

Kevin Muller [userpic]
LJ Idol 2 - Top Seven Voting
by Kevin Muller (electricice79)
at February 22nd, 2006 (12:10 am)

Simon's Mood: sad
This Week's Theme: "You Can't Lose Me" - Faith Hill

My dear contestants and fans, it has not been an easy night for LiveJournal Idol 2. Due to ongoing conflicts among the staff of this competition, I, Kevin, as host and head producer of this competition, have been forced to make some very difficult decisions. After much deliberation, I have come to the regretful conclusion that the issues between myself and certain members of the judging panel are likely to plague the competition even further than they already have unless something is done immediately. So I hate that it has to be this way, but I must inform you all that as of tonight, I, Kevin Muller, will take over all duties associated with running this competition. The setup of the competition makes it difficult for me to just eliminate certain members of the panel, so Angela, Roger, Danielle, and Rachel, you are all essentially...fired. I am extremely sorry to announce this and am perfectly willing to discuss the details of why this has happened in private.

But the show must go on, folks.

Dominick Ciruzzi - Well, Dominick, I actually think you did a decent job with this challenge, your layout is very similar to Chelsea's and the username is clever. However, the actual content of the entries is not really up to par with some of the competition. I realize that Chelsea's journal is not exactly oozing with personality, but your choice of entry topics did not showcase much of a sense of humor as you merely exaggerated what Chelsea's entries already are, and you pretty much focused solely on Harry Potter and her license, which makes me feel like you only read her most recent entries. You did a decent job, but decent does not cut it anymore. Unfortunately, you are in this week's Bottom Three.

Sebastian Fischetti - You and Sam were at a bit of a disadvantage with this challenge as neither of you actually knew the people whose LiveJournals you were imitating, so good job. While your layout is a little bland, it is reminiscent of Mary's, so that is good. I didn't think that your entries were overly funny or clever, but you accomplished the task and that is enough to get you through this week. However, this kind of effort will not be enough to win you the competition, so I expect better from you this coming week.

Mary Hanrahan - Mary, time and time again you have stood out as the one to beat, as every week you are one of the first to complete the challenge, and manage to put your all into every challenge. This week's effort was no exception. While you had to work within the constraints of a non-paid account, you still were able to mimic Sam's layout with some success. Also, your entries, while perhaps not as lengthy as Sam's actual entries, parodied Sam's in a fun and accurate manner. You are easily through to the next round, and have become the favorite to win.

Sam Kimbrel - Sam, I'm sorry that you were on vacation for this challenge, but you did have Thursday and Friday to complete the challenge. Also, although I believe your birthday was this week, we are too far into the competition to accept such behaivor, and it should not come as a surprise that you are in the Bottom Three for the first time this week.

Rebecca Levin - Rebecca, it seems that every week you are on the fence between deserving to be in the Bottom Three and deserving to be in the Top Three. You could potentially be an upset in this competition, but not if you keep turning in mediocre efforts. Your layout in your mock-LJ was good, but your entries were not that funny and weren't mind-blowingly similar to Kristina's either. It was good enough to get you through, but like Sebbie, you won't be able to win unless you step it up a notch or two.

Kristina Ronald - Kristina, as you have heard, you did an excellent job this week, perhaps the best of anyone. Your layout, username, and entries were all appropriate for Diana. Congratulations, you are through to the Top Six.

Which leaves Diana Westin as the third member of our Bottom Three. Diana, I know that you completed the challenge before the deadline, but following instructions is important in this competition, and you cannot be excused for failing to do so. Your entry this week was not the worst at all, you actually did a decent job, but it wasn't spectacular enough to override your lateness. I do give you props though, for imitating Dominick's LiveJournal fairly well even though there are not many entries to work with.

Well, the Top Six is now in the hands of the audience. Please leave a comment (all comments will be screened) with the name of the person that you want to be safe. All voting must be completed by midnight.




Remember, you are picking the person you want to be safe. Anyone can vote, this includes contestants, Dominick, Sam, and Diana, the audience, me, and even the former judges and associate producer. Results will be announced tomorrow at midnight.

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